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There are many instructional materials out on the market making big promises to turn you into a dexterous improviser or soloist. You need music theory, chord voicings, scales and more. Where to start?


For only a $1 Dr. Lausell’s new educational handout series provide a simple solution and an unbeatable price. This two-page handout breaks down each harmonic family with its corresponding elements such as scales, arpeggios and piano chord voicings in standard music notation with the corresponding intervallic analysis.

Want to go further? Enroll in the upcoming three part master class series where Dr. Lausell will breakdown every element in the matrix and how to get the most out of it.


Ideal for:

  • Anyone wishing to learn how to improvise
  • Pianists
  • Professional musicians (all instruments) and instructors seeking quality materials for their lessons
  • Any musician looking to further his understanding jazz theory and improvisation.
  • Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock and Progressive Rock musicians

Jazz/Rock Matrix (Piano & C instruments) PDF

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