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   Since 2012 Associate professor Dr. Lausell leads the guitar program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale School of Music. At SIUC Lausell teaches courses in classical and jazz guitar, oversees the guitar area, performs and composes music for the jazz ensemble in residence the New Arts Jazztet. As a recording artist and clinician Dr. Lausell is active teaching and performing across the U.S., Latin America and Europe.


As a writer Dr. Lausell has developed methods for jazz improvisation and for guitar technique. His approach combines lute, classical and electric guitar technique along with modal, tonal and post tonal music theory models. His writings integrate various academic disciplines such as ethnomusicology, history, physical training and visual arts.


   Dr. Lausell has played with artists such as the Altgeld Chamber Players, Ray Anderson, C.E. Askew, Ignacio Berroa, Coco Freeman, Chris Carrington, Kenwood Dennard, Ricky Encarnación, Jon Faddis, Eddie Gómez, Heaven Report, Rick Latham, Matt Margvulio, Paoli Mejias, Fidel Morales, Zvonimir, Tot, Marcello Pellitteri, Marco Pignataro, Proyecto EVIF, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Jorge Vizcarrondo, Bill, Smith, Oscar Stagnaro, Norbert Stachel, and the Stony Brook Baroque Players.


Dr. Lausell studied the guitar with Jerry Willard, Benjamin Verdery, Thomas Johnson, Richard McClure, Fred Hamilton, Terry Hankins, Mike Wheeler, Luis Enrique Juliá, Ismael Falcón and Sandra Reyes and had master classes with Andrew York, Dale Stuckenbruck, Pepe Romero, John Benitez, Jim Kelly, Alexander Sergüei, Eladio Scharrón, Carlos Barbosa- Lima, Mark White, Oscar Stagnaro, and Walter Quevedo.


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