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New publications and scholarships

Greetings my friends,

The beginning of a new year is always exciting. As we complete one cycle another

starts full of new possibilities and opportunities. We have initiated a new series of

handouts called the "Jazz/Rock Matrix". These are for all instruments and they are

a great way to start accumulating the necessary tools for improvising. We will soon

be holding a three part webinar on how to get the most from this matrix. Keep us

posted for the dates.

I am also please to announce my latest installment on the "Path of least resistance

series". Tomorrow we will be launching the second book which works on melodic

arpeggios for the classical guitar. I am currently revising the first installment on this

series which is a book on scales for the classical guitar. As soon as possible we will

release an updated version of it. Visit our online shop to get your digital copy.

We are also coming close to that time of the year where we hold auditions for the

degree programs at SIU. We have scholarships for students who want to complete

an undergrad degree and we also have one of the best graduate assistantship

programs in the country. Regardless if you are a classical or jazz musician we have

the right study track for you at Southern Illinois University.

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